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Spotless Leather Cream

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Spotless Leather Cream

Leather products that are well taken care of, last a lifetime. Treated regularly with Spotless Leather Cream, your favourite leather items will soften and mature beautifully. The combination of oils in Spotless Leather Cream nourishes and protects leather. Even old leather products, that have become very dry and faded, can be revitalised with Spotless Leather cream.

How to use Spotless Leather Cream: 

  1. Use Spotless Shoe Cleaner kit to make sure your leather is clean
    2. Apply a small amount of Spotless Leather Cream onto your microfiber cloth
    3. Apply pressure and move in a clockwise direction, while evenly spreading the
    cream over the leather
    4. Allow time for the cream to penetrate the leather pores
    5. Repeat if necessary


* Shake well before use.
* Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.
* Store in the original packaging in a dry place, away from extreme cold or heat.
* Shelf  life is up to 24 months

*You can use this cream for your leather bags, car seats, wallets, belts and other leather products.

* Test on a small piece before applying as certain leathers may react differently.

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